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Camouflage Media Ltd is an integrated Digital and Experiential Media Agency. It’s based in Kenya and Uganda.

Our focus in delivering world class Digital and Experiential Media solutions to our clients and their customers.

Our mission is to be the premier Digital and Experiential Media Agency in the East and Central African Region.

XP Commercial Photography
XP Event Photography
Market Trend Forecasting
Strategy Consulting
Online Platforms
Instore Media
XP Onground Activation

Meet The Team

[team columns="3"][team_member image_url="3106" image_width="230" image_height="230" name="Roy " position="C.E.O" description="Uniquely disseminate extensive innovation whereas proactive testing procedures. Continually supply real-time testing procedures without visionary schemas. Proactively engage enterprise-wide."]Roy has over 12 years experience in ATL Marketing, BTL Marketing, Youth Trend Forecasting & Digital Marketing. He has previously worked at Instant Grass (Cape Town). The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town), UCT Radio(Cape Town), MCL Saatchi & Saatchi (Nairobi) & Brand2D (Nairobi).

His goal is to develop long lasting activation strategies for great brands. He is an all rounder who enjoys a challenge, so bring it on!

[/team_member][team_member image_url="3114" image_width="230" image_height="230" name="Sam" position="Content & Event Manager" description="Assertively matrix global strategic theme areas via user friendly initiatives. Enthusiastically impact front-end interfaces via global deliverables. Quickly orchestrate."]Sam is a proactive and highly organized individual.He has studied electrical engineering in Saraburi Witayakhom University in thailand, he has worked for Geojoy Tents and Events and has been in the events industry for seven years having delivered numerous technically complex projects.

Sam has a passion for creativity and getting things to completion and  he loves the technical and creative process of creating a video.

[/team_member][team_member image_url="3091" image_width="230" image_height="230" name="Peter" position="Head of Digital"]Peter is a computer scientist by profession. He has over 4 years experience in digital marketing and system development .He has participated in several digital campaign and digital platform development. He is creative and goal oriented.

His main task is to ensure that all our customers have amazing digital experiences across all our online digital platforms. We keep them well informed and updated with the most relevant information.


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